Carmen L. Johnson, BCHC, AADP

The Healthy Kids Revolution!

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Trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Board Certified Health Coach and having spent a decade in Pharmaceutical Sales teaching Physicians, Carmen brings her talent for simplifying complicated scientific and nutritional information into an enjoyable and understandable format that leaves her audience with a clearer understanding of how they can influence their own health by the food choices they are making.


The results of Carmen's teachings allow her audience to make better choices for themselves and their families, based on a perspective they have likely never heard before. Her attendees are motivated to make changes once they understanding the Simple Cellular Science of what is damaging their health and what they can do proactively to build a healthier body!

The Healthy Kids Revolution is all about teaching children how to eat healthy and then go home and change their parent's eating habits:-)


As a Motivational Speaker, Group Educator & Private Family Health Coach, Carmen Johnson is known for her entertaining, customized and research driven programs geared towards grades K-8.  She provides Nutrition Series for schools, youth clubs  & associations and private Family Coaching that is engaging, motivational and full of proven scientific findings that answer every child's burning question...WHY? Why can't I have lots of sugar? Why can't I eat snack foods for dinner? WHY?? Why are my parent's always fussing about my food choices? WHY??

Phone: 704.641.9176

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