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Why Are Health Coaches Needed?

Most of today’s health professionals are trained to address sickness and symptoms, and don’t have the time or skills to focus on wellness and prevention. Health coaches compliment a patient’s healthcare team and play an important role in improving overall health.

What DO Health Coaches do

We partner with our clients to enable them to develop and sustain behaviors that will improve their health and well being, beyond what they are able to do alone.


We listen! We help manifest and nurture self-awareness, autonomy, mindfulness, self-motivation, confidence, optimism, and resilience.

Who Can Health Coaches Help?

People who are ready to make positive lasting for their overall health and well-being (optimization, prevention, or in response to health challenges).

What DON'T Health Coaches do

We do not guarantee any specific outcomes. We do not offer cures for any disease or conditions and we do not work with minors without a written authorization from their legal guardian.


We do not make recommendations on any major life changes, including, but not limited to:


• Stopping or changing medication or doctors

• Excluding major food groups

• Intensive detox programs

• Vigorous exercise

• Initiating conflict with friends or family

• Marital status

• Employment

• Religious affiliation

What You Can Expect From Your Coaching Experience*

Information about many dietary and behavioral theories. Many resources for research and reference.


Sustainable changes in behavior that improve health and well-being (nutrition, meal preparation, exercise, mind-body connection, weight and stress control, sleep, relationships)


Personal Growth (confidence, self-motivation, mindfulness, resilience)


Improved biometrics* (blood sugar, weight, blood pressure, lipids, mental health scores)


Reduced healthcare costs (minor illnesses, physician visits, ER visits, hospital admissions, medications)


*This is the case for most people, although we make no guarantees. Actively participating in creating positive change in your life will certainly increase your chances. We can’t do it without you ☺

© Copyright 2013. Jennifer Tremblay. All Rights Reserved.

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