Elizabeth Schultz, CHHC, AADP 

Environmental Toxins Specialist

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth is very passionate about health, home and the environment. She is a loving mom of two wonderful children, a wife, a foodie, a yogi, a gardener and loves to walk/run her two high energy rescued pups! She loves learning about ancient and traditional home remedies and foods with healing powers.  And she believes that our bodies have a natural ability to heal themselves and advocates simplifying our lives, getting back to nature, looking at the root cause of illness and finding out what health plan and foods work best to support each individual.

Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Catawba College in both Communications and Business Administration. This was where she took her first nutrition class that set her on a lifelong quest of learning about preventative medicine.  

Phone(s): 704.339.0553, (c) 704.995.1944

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After a successful career in advertising she decided to stay home with her children to pursue her passion of health and wellness with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, graduating in 2012 as a Holistic Health Coach. Since then she has helped start a Healthy Kids Program at her children’s school where they achieved Bronze Level Recognition with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. She also coached Girls on the Run for four seasons and now serves on Team Adelaide.  Elizabeth interests have always centered around finding the healthiest alternatives for her family and she enjoys doing the same for others.  Exploring Ayurveda, homeopathy, herbal medicine, and all other natural wellness modalities she rounds out her overall functional medicine approach to health. But it was while continuing her education in environmental toxins that she began to realize the profound role toxins play in our health. She focuses on toxins we inhale, absorb and ingest and works on cleaning up our diets and our homes of these unnatural offenders.  With her Non-toxic Kitchen makeovers as a jumping off point she can offer safer more environmentally friendly alternatives to home and personal care products. This ultimately helps her clients minimize their risks and begin to rid their homes and bodies of harmful toxins leading them on a path of natural wellness. Elizabeth combines her love for health, home and our environment because it is her belief that in working with nature to heal ourselves we will in turn heal nature.

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