Gaye Mason Walden

Certified Health Coach & Medical Thermographer

Meet Gaye

After a successful career in the hospitality industry and some defining life and health experiences, Gaye is committed to sharing her longtime passion for health and wellness to help others. Her journey to better health has turned what has always been a favorite pasttime of hers - cooking - into a significant part of her lifestyle. She loves teaching others about simple, healthy cooking with fresh, locally grown food and how this positively affects their health. When she's not in the kitchen or at the Atherton Mill Farmers Market, she enjoyies fitness walking and jogging, reading, yoga, tai chi, meditation, hanging out with friends and walking her dog Willie. The love of her daughter Erin and her guy Garry helps keep her balanced, healthy and happy so she can help others.

Holistic Breast Health

With a mission to Educate, Empower and Support Women for good breast health, Holistic Breast Health offers Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging with State-of-the-Art, FDA-approved technology.  When a woman gets a Breast Thermogram at Holistic Breast Health, she receives a risk assessment for breast disease as part of the doctor’s evaluation and report.  She also receives a follow up visit with me to discuss her report and preventive care suggestions on how to maintain and improve her breast health.  I offer my services as a health coach to those who need support making the necessary changes to improve their breast health and overall health.

Phone: 704.364.2320

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Address: 8502 Lorraine Dr. Charlotte, NC

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