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The Essential Oil Lady

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Tremblay is a Charlotte-based, Certified Holistic Health Coach who uses her education and passion for wellness, to help busy people maintain or regain their health. She specializes in esssential oils, weight loss, natural anti-aging and stress management strategies.


She has been happily married to Paul for 34 years and has two grown children. She focuses her time, energy and resources on being genuinely happy and healthy and facilitating positive change in others. She loves gardening, playing tennis and rollerblading. Her philosophy is to never stop learning. In addition to many years of personal research, her education includes:


• Health Coach certification - Institute for Integrative Nutrition


• MBA: Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices


• BA: Mass Communications


• AS: Business administration

Cell: 424.703.5366

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Ten years ago, Jennifer and her husband Paul enjoyed an energetic lifestyle, worked hard and planned on a wonderful, active retirement someday. Then Paul began experiencing shaking in his right hand that he couldn’t control.


The couple was stunned when Paul was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which they learned is an incurable, progressive disease with terrible symptoms. Jennifer was not prepared to watch her previously happy, active husband succumb to the disease without a fight. So she started researching everything she could. She learned from reading and talking with numerous naturopathic doctors, food scientists, holistic chiropractors, acupuncturists and other “alternative” medicine researchers that the human body is supposed to be disease-free and if it is in balance, getting what it needs and not being poisoned, it will stay healthy and not age prematurely or get diseased. They all agree that the focus needs to be on creating overall health, so the body can take care of itself, and not just chase symptoms with medication.


Happily, she, Paul and their kids made significant nutrition and lifestyle changes and all are doing very well! Paul’s symptoms improved, he has resumed many activities he enjoyed but didn’t think he’d be able to do again, including exercising regularly and playing guitar. Life is a journey, everyone’s path is different, but Jennifer is dedicated to sharing her experience and knowledge with others so they can stay healthy and happy as well.

Jennifer's Story

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"The Essential Oil Lady"

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