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Kellie is a Certified Integrative Health Coach that specializes in helping busy professionals gain control of their wellness.  Having spent more than thirteen years sitting behind a desk, working for banking and private equity firms, Kellie saw her weight fluctuate, in direct relation to her happiness and increased stress level.  She often found herself sick due to poor sleep patterns and an unhealthy diet. For years, no matter how well she ate or how much she worked out, she couldn’t figure out how to create a healthy balance. She didn’t take care of her body – personally or professionally.


Everything changed in her life when she left the crazy financial world and sought to get some order in her life. Through the process, Kellie gained tremendous insight into the health and wellness world.  She decided to follow her heart into a thriving career focused on health and wellness. This life change allowed her help others struggling with similar issues. Kellie’s goal is to help you create a sense of balance in your life and learn a new lifestyle just as she has.

Highland Drive Coaching

Highland Drive Coaching offers private one-on-one (in person and over the phone), group coaching, healthy grocery shopping tours, group cleanse programs, and works with corporate clients in a variety of capacities.

Phone: 404.951.7478

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Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Masters of Business Administration

University of Florida, Bachelor of Science, Decision & Information Sciences

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