Krista Sigmon CHHC, AADP

Krista Sigmon Health Coaching

Meet Krista

Hello! I am a busy wife and mom of two teen boys who believes that you can feed your family easy, healthy meals that everyone will love! I have always had an interest in cooking and eating healthy foods. My parents owned produce markets when I was growing up so we had plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in the house. After having kids, I found myself reading and learning as much as I could about healthy cooking, ingredients and lifestyle. That led me to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I received my certification as a Holistic Health Coach. I encourage families to get back into the kitchen, teaching them how to make simple, kid friendly meals that will nourish their bodies. I believe that the number one thing we can do for our health is to eat more meals at home and choose more whole, unprocessed foods.

Health Coaching

I work with clients individually and in groups, leading 2 week clean eating programs, grocery store tours, cooking lessons and pantry makeovers.

Phone: 704.575.4777

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