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Flowing River Qigong and Yoga

Meet Marie

Marie is a Registered Yoga Teacher having completed 200 hours of training in a Yoga Alliance approved Integrated Hatha Yoga program. She teaches weekly classes in Gentle and Beginner’s Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow. She is also a graduate of the Yoga for Cancer (y4c) teacher training program which provides quality support through Yoga for cancer patients and survivors to help them cope with the many unique challenges that cancer patients face, and to provide guidance and leadership to help them achieve a healing Yoga practice.


Marie is also a 600-hour certified instructor in the Chinese energy healing art of Qigong (similar to Tai Chi) which blends meditative movement with conscious breath work and intention to strengthen the body's natural ability to heal. Qigong is often described as a meditation in motion that reduces both physical and emotional stress and creates a sense of inner peacefulness that extends to all aspects of life. Marie teaches weekly Qigong classes and presents and participates in workshops on various holistic, health-related topics.


Marie has completed the first two levels of the Healing Touch Certification Program offered at Carolinas College of Health Sciences and is also certified in Thai Yoga Bodywork which blends assisted yogic stretching and acupressure techniques to relieve mental tension, muscular stiffness and pain, and balance the body energetically.

Marie's Story

Marie is originally from Connecticut and has lived just south of Charlotte in Union County for 15 years. She worked in the high-stress legal field for many years before transitioning to a more health-minded career as a Yoga and Qigong instructor.  Her love for Yoga led her to discover the beautiful art of Qigong, and it is her greatest passion to share the teachings of these ancient modalities in their truest sense with everyone she meets.  Her classes focus on stimulating the immune system through movement, improving flexibility and strengthening bones, creating a sense of empowerment to reduce anxiety, and supporting overall health.


Marie is committed to offering her students and clients a unique and gentle way to exercise, manage stress and live healthier lives. Her training in both Yoga and Qigong provides her students with a variety of options for exercise based on their individual needs. Qigong classes are a nice alternative for those who have found yoga uncomfortable and are looking for a different fitness experience. All classes help to lessen and relieve pain, bring peace to the mind, and support physical and emotional healing. Marie is passionate about helping people achieve an active, independent, and healthy lifestyle while enjoying the many benefits of Yoga and Qigong practices.  

Phone: 704.560.7131

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