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In college I had the all-too-familiar story of weight-loss obsession—restricting my calories, eating only “fat free” “sugar free” foods, popping diet pills, and slaving away at the gym. The craziest part? When I finally hit that ideal number on the scale...I didn’t all of a sudden feel happy, confident, and amazing in my body. Instead, I felt hopeless, frustrated, deprived, overwhelmed about maintaining my new weight, and I STILL felt uncomfortable in my own skin.


This is what I call my “diet rock bottom.” Enough was enough. I realized I couldn’t maintain this smaller, Magic Number weight and still have a life let alone enjoy my life. I wanted to stop obsessing about the size of my jeans, and just feel good in my body and stop obsessing so much about food. My dad’s diagnosis with Parkinson’s disease soon after was the tipping point for my true health epiphany. I learned so much about food and the body and it revolutionized my relationship with both.


These lessons turned into a purpose and passion to help other people navigate all of that garbage that I had learned to weed through. So, I traded in the 9-5 for the incredibly fulfilling honor of coaching women to ditch the diets and false promises and impossible standards...and start looking and feeling their best in a way that is flexible, fun, and free from restrictions.


Healthy Eaton, LLC

As a Certified Nutritional Health Coach & Eating Psychology Coach, through my company, Healthy Eaton, I help fed up dieters go from feeling discouraged and stressed, to feeling happy and confident with their body, food choices, and overall health so they don’t have to suffer like I did any longer. This empowers them to have the freedom to spend their mental energy on thinking, eating, and living in a way that serves their best selves!


Unlike many other coaches and programs out there, I believe that you do NOT have to deprive yourself to get a body and life you love. You don’t have to go to extremes, eliminate entire food groups, foods you love, or follow strict eating rules. You don’t have to white-knuckle your way through your day in order to “stay on track." You don’t have to self-hate, shame, and punish yourself You don’t have to feel guilty, starved, or restricted. And it doesn’t have to be hard, painful, or time consuming.


My areas of specialty include helping clients transition to a healthier way of eating, identify hidden food sensitivities, and create a positive body image/relationship with food.

I offer private one-on-one and group coaching, meal prepping and planning mega session, healthy grocery shopping mega session, in-home cooking demos, food sensitivity testing, Clean Eating Cleanse programs, and Challenge Programs for gyms, yoga/pilates studios, and corporate settings.



Phone: 929.251.FOOD (3663)

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